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View our formal capability statement here. EMATechnology was a business that was conceptualised in 2003.  Early on, the idea of making complex and innovative technologies available to business’ in a way that produced a ROI to owners was the goal and the driving force behind EMA today. The challenge to implementers is not the technology but rather providing the tailored solution on a case by case basis that meets the price point of the customer and enables the business to meet its strategic objectives. We believe we have the proven experience and ability to take up this challenge.

As a team we have worked across many industries and sectors in the local Australian market. They have gained invaluable and expert IT industry experience from the top ASX listed companies, and are applying those methods and best practises to the small to medium business across NSW. A highlight reel of our most recent clients is displayed above.

“We don’t have sales people, we believe the best person for our customers to talk to is the one who actually has the answers, not people trained in closing a deal”

Our business model allows us to stay focused on service delivery, outcomes and cost effectiveness for our customers.


Administrator Filled-50Lasting Business Relationships

Our aim is to form long-term business relationships with our customers and promote an environment that is effective and beneficial to both parties. We want to be part of your journey to success and support you all the way through by providing cutting edge technology that works, is stable and reliable.


Online Support Filled-50Qualified and Experienced Technicians

Our technicians and engineers maintain current and relevant certifications in a wide range of technologies. We aim to have at least 20 hours study per technician per year. This guarantees you always have the best practise implementation of technology solutions in place. We have worked with the CTO’s and CIO’s of top ASX listed companies and know what it takes to make your business IT function to its highest potential.


Conference Call-52Strong Customer Focus

Customer satisfaction and engagement are at the forefront with EMATechnology services. We go above and beyond and always try to exceed the expectations of our clients, no matter what the scenario. We will never leave you unsupported with your business at risk.


Bullish-64Flexibility and Scalability

As your business grows or as your needs grow, we can scale up or down the services provided. We have many engineers and support staff available any time to service your request. We understand not all operations are 9-5 and as such can flex our service to meet your demands. We have technicians and a support line available 24/7 to suit your requirements and regularly do system maintenance outside of normal business hours