Application Packaging

“Unattended installation of Applications “


Application packaging can be defined as the process of deploying applications to users that install and are available without any user intervention. The main reason applications are packaged is to standardise the application settings and deliver that application to many users simultaneously. Larger organisations usually benefit most from packaging but smaller ones can realise benefits as well.

Checked Checkbox 2-64

Standardise configurations of an application 

Checked Checkbox 2-64Silently install applications, with no user interaction

Checked Checkbox 2-64Add or modify components of an application

Checked Checkbox 2-64Deploy applications on a large scale


Most applications are packaged using a MSI database editor such as Instedit or Orca. There are entire studios available for application packagers such as Admin Studio, that enable you to repackage or snapshot an application.

If you have packaging to that needs to be done contact us and we can help you get it done right.