“Secure and reliable backup gives you piece of mind”


Backups have been core and central to networked computing environments since we can remember. Without them we would be rebuilding operating systems, rewriting documents and reconfiguring systems. For an unfortunate few this is sometimes the case. Consider the following situation;

Checked Checkbox 2-64I have accidently deleted the accounts folder, it contains information on all of our customers invoicing

Ok-52    With backup solution in place: Lets restore from the backup from the data from last night, cost = 0 time = 20min

Cancel-52    Without backup in place: We need to piece together from emails and whatever we have to recover the details for our primary customers asap. This could damage our reputation and will cost hors and hours of staff time to do cost = after hours wok, reputation, time = days 

Data backup is a crucial and important requirement for any business in todays world, having the ability to you to quickly recover data after a loss or corruption can direct affects downtime and productivity within your organization. Ensuring that a backup plan is in place and in line with your business requirements should be listed a top priority.
We can assist in the design and implementation of your backup strategy and install the infrastructure to give you piece of mind in case disaster strikes

Checked Checkbox 2-64We use the latest in innovative backup software that will give you the flexibility to backup to  different types of media, both onsite or offset in the cloud.

We also can create and implement custom backup solutions can be catered to fit your budget and needs. We understand that not all business need elaborate backup solutions, some might just require a nightly rotation to a eternal HDD. Either way, let us know your budget and requirements and we will be able to find an appropriate solution.

For further information or to ask a question about our pricing structure, please contact us