“Phone systems that use your data network”


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the name given to technologies and products that allow voice communication over IP networks.

Implementation and installation of VOIP makes sense to business both from a financial standpoint and usability standpoint. Being able to leverage existing data cabling and networking infrastructure the cheap cost to procure handsets makes a VOIP solution a winner over PABX pricing department. There are also further gains to be had other than the clear return on investment. This is the flexibility in IT support staff moving phones around and configuring soft phones for use on laptops and portable devices. VOIP is definitely growing and providers of these systems and devices are constantly improving the quality of service and clarity of phone conversations that were an initial hurdle in VOIP really taking off.

If you are looking into a VOIP solution or are having problems with your existing VOIP service, please contact us