Cloud Services

“Moving forward to the future”


Usage of cloud infrastructure and services is no longer the future, it had become the now. Business are increasingly leveraging cloud infrastructure as a way to meed their high workload demands and as a way to achieve cost savings on infrastructure. Some high level benefits of using cloud services are listed below;

Checked Checkbox 2-64Scale infrastructure up or down instantly.

Cloud providors such ad Microsoft Azure, enable you to add additional infrastructure as required. Meaning you can easily scale up the number of VM’s or VM components as required. You can also do this with services such as SQL instances, which is handy if you need additional resources only for a limited time.

Checked Checkbox 2-64Pay for what you use.

This is a great feature of cloud infrastructure, you only pay for infrastructure that is used, so your development environments can be spun up instantly and run down when not needed. This could not be possible with traditional on premise infrastructure without the price tag.

Checked Checkbox 2-64High availability and redundancy

These crucial requirements are inbuilt with cloud infrastructure. You can set up replication sets between services, and being in the cloud, as long as you have an internet connection you are up and running accessing your servers or services.

Checked Checkbox 2-64Simplification.

We see the cloud specifically with Azure but also with AWS, as a simplification, on traditional infrastructure design and architecture. From licencing to configuration to disaster recovery, the cloud makes sense all the time.

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