You will hear us talk about incidents and service request within the scope of our support plans. Here are some definitions to help clear things up.

IT Support Incident: Includes support of any existing I.T. system or service that has caused an incident in your workplace, that has stopped you from doing your work. For example, a printer has become unavailable, or your router has failed and you can not get internet access

IT Support Service Request: Includes creation, configuration, installation of any IT system or service that is new in nature to the network. For example, you need to get the latest version of office 365 installed, or you need a new server installed on the network.

Casual Support: Includes a senior engineer to be available to you on a per hour basis. You have hired our services for that hour and you may have the engineer complete any required task, including service requests, incidents and troubleshooting of problems.

Server Support: Includes any incidents that may arise within your network on any system that operates as a server in a client server relationship, that services one or more clients on your network.

Fixed Price Support: Includes any incidents that may arise on your network on your endpoint devices (Laptops, Tablets, PC’s) and your servers.